Turn Conflicts Around

Welcome to "Strengthening Your Marriage by Living More Connected," a workshop that introduces the transformative power of the Six-Steps of Living-Connected within the context of marriage.

If you feel disconnected in your marriage or that disagreements often lead to heated arguments that cause pain and leave you feeling that your marriage is not working, this workshop offers a pathway to de-escalate conflicts, rekindle connection, and fortify the bond of your marriage.

The Six-Steps of a Successful Marriage

You will learn whether you live under a Covenant marriage or a Contract marriage and the role of Love and Respect.

You will learn the Six-Steps Guide for transforming conflict.

  1. Being Others Focused and less self-absorbed.
  2. Being Present and listening with the intent to understand.
  3. Being Curious and using genuine interest to de-escalate conflict.
  4. Being Empathetic to validate pain points.
  5. Being Encouraging and hopeful to foster your commitment.
  6. Being Connected to God for ultimate healing.

Become Others Focused

Be honest...are you more selfless in your marriage or selfish?

Become Empathetic

Learn the value of shared suffering.

Be Curious and Interested

Learn to use curiosity to transform conflict

Example Curriculum

This course is closed for enrollment.

Hijacking And Reactive Listening

Are The Culprits

Attend the Workshop and Enjoy the Success in a Marriage that God Intended!